Yoxel Signals connects Salesforce Flow with your workspace messaging apps: Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, Webex, Zoom, giving your CRM admins control over the configuration of data signals.


An active Zoom account (free or paid).


  • Yoxel Workspace Sync package (version 2.124 or higher) is installed. See instructions.
  • You (Salesforce admin) have the package license (use the 'Manage Licenses' link to assign one).
  • In Salesforce Setup, on the 'Install Packages' page find Yoxel Workspace Sync and click 'Configure' to make sure your package is active and you have access.
  • Review steps 1-4 from Getting started with Yoxel Sync


  • You (SugarCRM admin) have access to Web Logic Hooks: 
  • Configure API Platform 'yoxel': Image Placeholder
Hubspot CRM

  • You (Hubspot admin) have access to Automation/Workflows:

Adding the app

1. Ask your Zoom admin to install Yoxel Signals. It can be found in Zoom App Marketplace.

2.  The app will show the following Welcome message in its direct channel. You can always get this information with the '/yoxel help' command.

Image Placeholder

3. Then, switch to a channel and use the '/yoxel token' command to look up your integration token. First time, you will be asked to log into your CRM (Salesforce, Hubspot, SugarCRM,...) account:

Image Placeholder

Copy the token as you'll need to use it when configuring Salesforce Flow.

4. Next, go back to your CRM to configure desired workflow signals. Follow these instructions: Configuring Salesforce Flow signals, Configuring Hubspot Workflow signalsConfiguring SugarCRM Web Logic Hooks

5. Once the workflow signals are configured you'll start getting the following notification cards in your channels:
Image Placeholder


1. Use the /yoxel token command in channels to get integration tokens. Then use the tokens to configure signal delivery to the channels.

2. Use the /yoxel search [text] command to look up CRM records.

3. Both, the signals and the search command produce cards which you can interact with and get CRM record details through.

4. Use the /yoxel logout command to disconnect a CRM account.

Removing the app

1. Log into your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.
2. Click Manage > Added Apps.
3. Click on the Remove button.