1. In Hubspot, go to Automation > Workflows and click Create workflow [From scratch]
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2. Choose what record types you want signals for (i.e. Deal-based) and 'Blank workflow' or 'Schedule' mode:
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3. Setup a desired trigger. For example, fire a signal when a deal is won:

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4. Now add a new webhook action:

  1. Choose POST method
  2. Insert the webhook URL that you got from the Yoxel Signals app
  3. Choose the 'Include request signature in header' authentication
  4. Enter Yoxel's app ID: 1234399

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*** Choose 'Custom request body' to have Yoxel Signals generate adaptive cards with the fields you specify.
In this mode you have to specify the following three required properties: objectId, objectType, portalId.
[objectType and portalId are specified as static properties.]

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Save the action!

5. Go to the Review stage and activate Re-enrollment:

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Save, turn on your new workflow.

6. Test the signal by updating a record in the chosen module (i.e. Deal). Here is an opportunity signal that you would see in your messaging app: