Yoxel Sync is integrated into your Teamwork portal but an admin needs to enable the integration to make Yoxel Sync available for users.

1. As an admin user go to your Settings -> Integrations page:

2. Scroll down to find Yoxel's card on the Integrations page and click the 'Enable Yoxel Sync' button.

3. Now Yoxel Sync is available to your users and they can start configuring their syncs.

6. You will find Yoxel Sync by going to 'View Profile' -> 'Integrations' tab.

7. From this page you can finally access Yoxel Sync configuration.

8. Click 'Configure Yoxel' and a new browser tab will open where you're guided by a 3-step setup wizard. The first step is to set up your services/connectors. There is always the Teamwork service. And that is where you need to specify your portal url and enter the API token that you looked up earlier. Then also select what you'd like to sync: Calendar or/and Tasks. And click 'Save'.

9. Next step is to add and authorize your other service/connector, Google Apps or MS Exchange. Read another article that is appropriate for your type of account.