Yoxel Sync must have been configured and activated for you. The sync tries to run but fails to access your remote accounts i.e. Salesforce, Office 365, MS Exchange, G Suite. There could be a couple of reasons for this:

1. Unauthorized. In order for Yoxel Sync to access your remote accounts, it needs to be authorized/allowed the access. Only you can do this! Please navigate to your Yoxel Sync tab in your Salesforce account and authorize the services that show 'Unauthorized' status.

2. Password expired. This is mainly the case for MS Exchange users. Their Outlook password may have expired but Yoxel does not know a new password. In this case simply enter your new Outlook password in the service form:

3. Account provider issues. Sometimes your account provider servers exhibit connectivity issues (server error, service unavailable, maintenance, ...) and Yoxel Sync can't connect to your remote account. Yoxel tries to suppress these notifications but will notify you if the problems persist for multiple sync cycles. There is nothing you can do to resolve these problems usually. Please contact our support (simply reply to the notification email) and we will try to work with your IT department.