• Yoxel Sync package is installed.
  • You (Salesforce admin) have the package license (use the 'Manage Licenses' link to assign one).

After you have configured at least one sync template (Yoxel Sync admin configuration) go to your Yoxel Sync tab (Adding Yoxel Sync tab) to examine your sync status. If you chose 'self-authorization' mode in your template you will have to authorize Yoxel Sync to access your remote accounts. Expand a service and activate/authorize. At this point you can connect the sync to a test mailbox account.

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Once all your services are active you can run the sync by clicking the 'Sync now' button.

Test that your other Salesforce users can access the Yoxel Sync tab.

  1. Give another user a license: Adding and removing users
  2. Use the 'Login as' function for a Salesforce user.
  3. Find the Adding Yoxel Sync tab 
  4. If the tab is not accessible please check the user profile permissions: Enabling users to access Yoxel