If you have initially installed Yoxel Sync for admins only or for custom profiles only then some of your newer users that are not admins or users with different profiles may have troubles accessing Yoxel Sync tab and the sync capabilities. The article explains how you could enable Yoxel Sync for additional user profiles.

Enabling users to access Yoxel for Enterprise Edition and up

  1. Salesforce implemented a new UI for profile management a few releases ago. Unfortunately, the process of editing profiles now takes a lot more clicks. We recommend going to Setup > App Setup > Customize > User Interface, and unchecking the "Enable Enhanced Profile User Interface" checkbox at the bottom of the page just long enough to get this process done.
  2. Navigate to Setup > Installed Packages > Manage Licenses
  3. Click the user profile for which you want to enable access
  4. Click Edit button in the Profile Detail section
Now examine the following sections of the user profile and make appropriate adjustments:

Custom Tab Settings

Administrative Permissions

Visualforce Page Access

Apex Class Access

Custom Object Permissions

Enabling users to access Yoxel for Group and Professional Editions

In the Group and Professional Editions, field access is governed not by a profile but by a page layout. So please take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Setup - App Setup - Create - Objects. (In the newer UI, navigate to Setup - Build - Create - Objects.)
  2. Click the Conversation object.
  3. Scroll down to the Page Layouts section, and click the Edit link next to the Conversation Layout.
  4. Drag each field in the Fields panel down into the detail area. You will have to do this one field at a time. The idea is to make sure that all the fields of the Yoxel Item object are visible to your users.
  5. Save the layout.