2.117 E2A (Aurinko) (upgrade link), Mar'22

- Email to Anything - route email logging to any standard or custom Salesforce object.
- Event to Anything - route calendar syncing to any standard or custom Salesforce object.
- Field based filter for contacts and calendar sync.
- Default field/value settings.

- Fully revamped look and feel.
- Addon customizations (i.e. custom log event forms, menus), managed from the Yoxel Sync package.
- Scheduler - share availability and simplify meeting booking.
- Email templates.
- Email open tracking.
- List views.

2.103 New Admin Config (upgrade link)

New capabilities

- New Configuration UI under 'Configuration' link in 'Installed Packages'.
- Simplified template setup wizard.
- Outlook/Gmail addin setup included.

2.81 Winter 2019

New capabilities

- New option "Convert matched leads to contacts" for automatic lead conversion when syncing meetings to Salesforce.
- New option "Require a CRM record match" to prevent unrelated event syncing.
- New option "Sync meetings only" to consider only Outlook/Gmail meeting for syncing.
- New option "Sync internal attendees only" when creating group events in Salesforce.


- Security updates related to communicating with the sync API.
- Improved conflict resolutions during the recurrent event sync improvement.
- Various performance improvements.

2.77 Winter 2019

New capabilities

- Admin level G Suite authorizations - service account flow. Yoxel admins can now specify G Suite service account credentials at a G suite template level to eliminate the need for user based  authorizations.
- Admin level Office 365 authorizations - service/daemon OAuth2 flow. Yoxel admins can now ask Office 365 admins to approve Yoxel Sync at a template level to eliminate the need for user based authorizations.


- Html content logging is available when using the 'Enhanced email' mode.
- Logging email and event attachments as Files is supported. Ask Yoxel support to activate!
- Recognizing Salesforce sent emails to prevent duplicate logging.
- Using Exchange server push notifications for better deleted items detection.
- Ownership transfer for meeting series synced to Salesforce "via attendee".
- Many recurrent event sync improvement.

2.69 Spring 2018

New capabilities

- 'Enhanced email' support. Yoxel can now log emails as EmailMessage records. Ask Yoxel support to activate!
- Supporting 'Admin approved OAuth2 pre-authorizations' available for connected OAuth2 apps. 
- Template level email filters.


- Improved email thread scan, discovery, filtering (G Suite, Office 365, MS Exchange)
- Logging prevention of sensitive Outlook emails
- Special processing for email threads without a response (potential spam prevention)
- Improved sub account matching: taking into account contact's country, postal code, city
- Disabling contact syncing for 'Personal' category/group
- More calendar sync modes: sync meetings only & require a CRM record match
- More flexible customizations: RecordTypeId dependent value settings, conditional updates
- Various performance improvements

2.58 Winter 2017

Major new capabilities

- "True" recurring event sync
- Yoxel Mailbox Assistant (Gmail plugin / Office 365 add-in) awareness (know what emails have been logged manually)


- Better error analysis and more conservative email notification for sync errors
- Performance enhancements for massive email rescans and contact/event/task syncs
- Disabling private contact creation (an account match is required now)
- Allowing new contact creation when an account match is detected
- Enhanced account matching by email domain vs. website comparison
- Birthdate sync enabled for contacts
- Enabling Birthday calendar syncing
- Skip syncing for private Outlook contacts
- Introduced a mode to ignore incorrect Country/State codes
- Introduced internal vs. external user separation for attendee syncing and relating
- Introduced a mode for not storing syncEnabled=false event descriptions in Yoxel database
- Better handling of a group event turning "private"
- Lead relation for logged emails to win over email thread based opportunity relation
- More flexible field mappings and default field/value settings for custom configurations

Bug fixes

- A number of improvements related to a group-event attendee syncing
- Canceled child event (attendance) is recreated in Salesforce
- Account matching by association (when other similar domain contacts are found) using false positives
- Not recognizing a lead conversion in one sync