To authorize Yoxel to access your Outlook account:

1. Choose MS Exchange in the “Add service” drop down menu.

2. Specify how you would like to name your MS Exchange service in your Yoxel app instance and select what type of Exchange records you would like to sync.

3. Specify your email address

4. Add EWS service URL (the EWS URL should start with “https://”.) Yoxel supports MS Exchange servers starting with 2007.

1. To locate the right EWS URL try one of the following steps:
      • Check your current Outlook account settings: Account Settings->[choose account]->More Settings->[select Connection tab]->Exchange Proxy Settings. For Mac Users, try the Outlook Preferences-->Accounts-->[choose account]--->Advanced
      • Check Exchange provider's documentation. Often it will mention the EWS url when describing Entourage 2008 mail client configuration. 
      • For Rackspace hosted servers the url would be You may also see a URL that ends in '/ews/exchange.asmx'. For Rackspace users this is usually
      • If you don't know your EWS URL try the URL you use for webmail login.
2. Open a separate browser window. Paste the EWS URL into the navigation window. If the URL does not end in '/ews/exchange.asmx,' add the '/ews/exchange.asmx' suffix to the server part, i.e. Rackspace users would paste/type 
3. If the EWS service is provided by your server you'll see an authentication box pop up in your browser. Use that box to test your username and password. Usually your username will be your email and if that does not work try your windows style 'DOMAIN\username' username. Upon successful login you'll get a page full of xml. Please fill Outlook service form using the username and password you used here.
4. In Yoxel simply specify the server part of the url https://<server-name> (Yoxel appends /ews/exchange.asmx under the hood).

5. Specify username and password. These should be exactly those that are used to access your MS Exchange account online. The username could either be your email address or a windows style 'DOMAIN\username' login name.

6. Click Authorize button