Yoxel Outlook and Gmail addons allow you to create, edit, and track your sales activities from your inbox. Stay focused on your goals with customer and prospect data at your fingertips. There’s no need to open Salesforce.

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Book meetings with contacts effortlessly by easily inserting customizable online scheduler links right from your email.

Email templates

Instead of writing a new email, find the right template, update it, and hit send.

Email open tracking

Know when your prospects open your emails.

Automatic email, calendar, contacts sync

Eliminate tedious logging and updates. All of your email and calendar activity automatically syncs with Salesforce. 

Automatically add new business contacts that are cc’d on emails or added to meetings as contacts in Salesforce.

Email signature parsing

Where possible a person name and phone numbers are extracted to auto fill new lead or contact forms.

Custom log-event forms

Fill out custom Salesforce fields right when creating a new event or logging an existing one in Outlook.

Salesforce records

Find, view, and edit a leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, cases, ...

Convert a lead to a contact and opportunity.

List views

Access your Salesforce list views.