Yoxel Signals connects Salesforce Flow with your workspace messaging apps: MS Teams, Slack, Google Workspace, Webex, giving your CRM admins control over the configuration of data signals.



  • Yoxel Workspace Sync package (version 2.124 or higher) is installed. See instructions.
  • You (Salesforce admin) have the package license (use the 'Manage Licenses' link to assign one).
  • In Salesforce Setup, on the 'Install Packages' page find Yoxel Workspace Sync and click 'Configure' to make sure your package is active and you have access.
  • Review steps 1-4 from Getting started with Yoxel Sync


  • You (SugarCRM admin) have access to Web Logic Hooks: 
  • Configure API Platform 'yoxel': 
Hubspot CRM

  • You (Hubspot admin) have access to Automation/Workflows:

Adding the app

1. Ask your Slack admin to Install our Pebbles app from the web page:

2. Pebbles will show the following welcome message in its app channel:

Image Placeholder

3. Go to a channel where you want to bring workflow signals and type the '/threads token' command:

Image Placeholder

4. А CRM login popup window will show. Please choose your CRM and login.
Image Placeholder
5. After a successful login Pebbles will provide an integration token, specific to the current channel.
Store the token and use it in your CRM workflow setup.
Image Placeholder

6. Depending on your CRM follow these instructions to setup your workflow signals:

7.  Once your workflow signals are configured you'll start getting the following notification cards in your channels:

Image Placeholder