When you first install Yoxel app you'll be prompted to sign in to Salesforce.com. When you sign in, you'll enter your credentials in the Salesforce.com login popup and when complete, the popup will close. Ordinarily that's all you have to do.

However, in some cases after signing in to Salesforce, you’ll see a message that reads: It appears that your Salesforce account only allows access from specific IP addresses and that Yoxel is blocked.

Usually this indicates a restricted IP range – meaning that you're only allowed to sign in from certain IP addresses. When you sign in through the Salesforce login popup, you’re allowed to sign in because you're within that trusted IP range. However, the Yoxel servers request data from Salesforce on your behalf so the Yoxel servers also need to be added to your "trusted" list.

To add the Yoxel servers to the "trusted" list, follow these steps:

  1. Click your name in the Salesforce.com masthead and click Setup.
  2. Under Administration Setup, click to “Security Controls” > “Network Access”.
  3. Add the following two entries to the "Trusted IP Ranges" list using the same value for both the Start IP Address and End IP Address:
    • Start IP Address: End IP Address:
    • Start IP Address: End IP Address:
  4. Click “Save” after each entry.