If you need to reactivate a license subscription that you have previously cancelled or that was cancelled due to failed payments, please go to your AppExchange My Account page. There you should see Yoxel app (YOXEL: Outlook & Google Calendar, Email, Co...) with a button to purchase Yoxel subscription.

After clicking the Buy Now button you will be redirected to a page where you can enter your credit card information and a number of licenses you would like to purchase. Note, the sync will start working where it left off when the subscription was cancelled. You will not have to create a new account and neither will you have to recreate sync rules; they will be the same when your account was cancelled.

After purchasing subscription please go to the “All tabs” section (plus sign on the right side of the main navigation panel), then click orange "Customize My Tabs" button on the top right side, select "Yoxel" from Available Tabs and move them to Selected Tabs using Add “>” button. To learn more about how to add Yoxel tab to the navigation panel click here.