To start the contact sync you need to allow Yoxel to access contacts and then to configure the contact sync rule.

Allowing Yoxel to sync contacts

To allow Yoxel to sync contacts you need to navigate to the Yoxel tab, expand Salesforce and Office 365 services, and make sure that Contact sync is selected for both services. After selecting Contact sync modules, click the Save button.

Configuring the contact sync rule for Salesforce

Yoxel users can setup the contact sync using the following rules:

Please note that by selecting "All my contacts" you will instruct Yoxel to sync all contacts assigned to you in Salesforce. By selecting the “Contacts and/or leads tagged with” option you will be able to specify your sync enabling tags for contacts/leads (multiple tags can be specified, separated by comma). The formatting of the tags is case sensitive.

The "Create new person records as" options allow users to instruct Yoxel to sync new Office 365 contacts as leads or contacts.

The "Matching company name to Accounts" option instructs Yoxel to create new accounts for those contacts for which accounts do not yet exist in Salesforce. An account will be created based on the 'Company name' field in Office 365. After Yoxel creates a new account in Salesforce all contacts that have matching the 'Company name' fields in Office 365 will be assigned to that account.

To enable bi-directional sync select "Allow updating, creating, ..." options. And to enable one-way sync from Salesforce to Office 365 select "Prevent any modifications". This option will not allow Yoxel to sync any changes you make in Office 365 back to Salesforce.

Configuring the contact sync rule for Office 365

For the Office 365 contact sync rule you can choose to either sync all your Office 365 contacts to Salesforce, “All contacts” option, or a subset of these contacts by selecting “Contacts of this category” option. The formatting of the category name is case sensitive and should be exactly as it is used in Office 365.

To enable bi-directional sync select "Allow updating, creating ..." options. The "Allow updating, creating but tag instead of deleting" option will add "YoxelDelete" Office 365 category to all contacts that were deleted in Salesforce. To enable one-way sync from Office 365 to Salesforce select "Prevent any modifications". This option will not allow Yoxel to sync any changes made to Office 365 contacts in Salesforce back to Office 365.