Your Google admin can complete these steps by logging into your company‚Äôs Google API Console and Google Admin Console. For more support, refer to Google developer documentation.

Complete these steps from Google API Console.

  1. Create a Google project dedicated to Yoxel Sync.
  2. From the new project, enable Google Calendar API, Contacts API, Gmail API, Tasks API.
  3. Create credentials for a service account with the role Project Owner and the key type JSON.
  4. Enable Domain-Wide Delegation for the service account. Doing so generates a Client ID (also known as Client name) for the service account, which you need later.
  5. Save the JSON private key from your service account in a secure location and share it with your Yoxel admin.

Complete these steps from Google Admin Console.

  1. Navigate to your security settings, select the advanced section, and click Manage API client access.
  2. Enter the service account Client ID (also known as Client name) that you generated in Google API Console. Authorize read-write calendar, mail, contacts, tasks access for the service account by entering the following scopes: email,,