Yoxel Mailbox Assistant allows you to automate your email follow ups. You can activate the follow up robot either for a new email or an existing email thread in which you've sent a message and are still expecting a response.

The follow up robot is rule based so first you need to configure at least one rule.

1. Navigate to the Apps -> 'Follow up' menu

2. There, switch to the 'RULES' tab. A sample rule ('Default rule') is pre-configured for you but click the 'edit' icon to tailor it for yourself.

3. A rule is a set of drip/followup messages and corresponding time intervals. The robot waits the specified time interval after you've sent your initial email to a recepient and if no response is detected from the recipient the robot sends 1st message. Then the robot waits again the specified number of days and sends 2nd message if no response is detected. And so on ... The follow up emails are sent as plain text so the drip messages are entered in plain text. Decide how many drips you want to have in the rule and then specify the intervals and edit the messages. Save the rule.

4. Now you're ready to use it. One way to enable the follow ups is for an existing email thread in which you're expecting a response. Go to one of those email threads (it could be your first email in the Sent Mail folder) and switch to the Apps -> 'Follow up' menu in the Yoxel side bar. Then click the 'Activate' button. 

5. Select your follow up rule and targets. The robot may find many recipients in an email thread, make sure your targets are just the people you want the drip campaign to be sending follow up emails to. Activate the follow up robot.

6. The follow up starts tracking the email thread according to the specified rule. The follow ups will stop if a target responds or after all drips have been sent.

7. You can also active follow ups when composing a new email. When an email compose window opens activate the Yoxel add-in:

8. Select the the add-in's Apps -> 'Follow up' tab and active a rule:

9 You can send your new email now. Yoxel will know to start tracking this conversation using the selected follow up rule.

10. You can also activate the the follow up from the Apps -> 'Send later' tab when scheduling an future email: