Once Yoxel Mailbox Assistant is installed and you've reloaded your Gmail page you should start seeing the Yoxel sidebar:

The very first time around the add-in will ask you to authorize access to your Gmail and your Salesforce accounts.

1. Getting offline access to your Gmail account allows the add-in to send emails when you're not online.

Click 'Allow' to authorize Yoxel Mailbox Assistant to access your Gmail account.

2. Getting access to your Salesforce account is essential to activating the rest of the add-in functionality:

You'll see details of the requested permissions. Click 'Allow' to confirm.

3. After you've completed the two authorization steps the sidebar should be active and should show its "snapshot" page to you. At that point please switch to the 'Settings' tab to verify that you've connected proper Salesforce account. This is the page where you can de-activate the add-in or re-connect a different Salesforce account.